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Cambria County Court of Common Pleas Docket

From the Ebensburg Alleghanian September 1, 1859

trial at a Court of Common Pleas to be
held at Ebensburg, for the county of Cambria,
commencing on MONDAY the 12th day of SEP-
TEMBER, A. D. 1859:

Kimmell vs Barnett & Hamilton,
Statler vs Hoffman,
Cox vs Singer,
Fronheiser vs Meanor & Fend,
Pa R.R. Co. vs Durbin,
Riddle vs Roberts,
Hoffman vs Swires et al.,
Nwekirk et al. vs King et al.,
City Bank vs Whites,
Abboss vs Glasgo,
Bickford vs Cooper & Co.,
Gibbons & Bolsinger vs Stiner,
Pershing, assginee of
Vickroy vs Gates,
A. M. & R. White vs Wm. K. Piper,
Shaffer et al. vs Empfield et al.,
Quirk vs Penna R. R. Co.,
Cohn Co. vs Roberts,
Wm. K. Piper for use vs White,
Ellis vs Swegder et al.,
Stutzman vs Gates,
Neff vs Stahl,
Swires et al. vs Rose,
Morris, Tasker & Co. vs Paul,
Whitting's Indorsees vs Given,
Hughes, vs Keith's adm'r.,
Apt, vs Bailery,
Fronheiser, endorsee vs White,
Same vs Same,
Same vs Same,
Roberts vs Moore,
Henby vs Murray & Warner,
Moyers et al. for use vs Tiley, Sr.,
M'Dermitt vs Litzinger,
Davis for use vs Bracken,
Whites & Co. vs Paul,
Whites vs Kline,
Whites vs Rainey,
Pryce vs Linton, Shff.
Moyers et al. for use vs Tiley, Sr.,

JOS. M'DONALD, Proth'y
Prothonotary's office,
Ebensburg, Aug. 3, 1859.

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