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Aldermen OF Altoona


Transcribed from "Illustrated Altoona" page 115


                Each ward in the city is entitled to elect one Alderman to serve for a term of five years, and there are eight Aldermen, as follows: First Ward, B. F. Rose, with office in Masonic Temple. Second Ward, C. T. Alcott, office, 818 Twelfth Street. Third Ward, John A. Doyle, office in Schenk block. Fourth Ward, Charles J. Mann, office, 713 Twelfth Street. Fifth Ward, John O’Toole, office, 1011 Bridge Street. Sixth Ward, William H. Stephens, office, 1624 Eighth Avenue. Seventh Ward, James B. Raymond, office, 1312 Fourth Street. Eighth Ward, W. B. Blake, office, 618 Eighth Avenue.

                The jurisdiction of these officers is the same as justices of the peace, which they are to all intents and purposes. In civil matters suits may be brought before them where the demand does not exceed the sum of $300 nor involve the title to real estate. Actions for damages for breach of promise and consequential damages are also excepted. In criminal matters they may only hear evidence and hold the offender to bail to answer in the Quarter Sessions of the county, except in a few minor offenses, as profane swearing, they may inflict a fine. They are authorized to perform the marriage ceremony. They receive no salary, but are entitled to certain fees for services. They are commissioned by the Governor, and give bond in the sum of $1,000.

Keywords/Tags: B. F. Rose, C. T. Alcott, John A. Doyle, Charles J. Mann, John O’Toole, William H. Stephens, James B. Raymond, W. B. Blake, Alderman, 1895, Altoona, Blair County, Pennsylvania, Illustrated Altoona