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City of Altoona, PA

Board of Health

Transcribed from "Illustrated Altoona" page 123

The Altoona Board of Health

            ALTOONA has a well organized Board of Health and an efficient Health Officer. The Board was established in 1885 under the law of 1874. Regular meetings are held on Thursday afternoon of each week, from April 1 to November 1; balance of year every two weeks. All contagious diseases are reported by the physicians of the city and a placard is placed on the front door of the house to warn the public against entering. And should smallpox or any malignantly contagious disease break out the afflicted persons and premises would be promptly quarantined.

            Vital statistics are carefully kept by the secretary, who makes an annual report of the number of marriages, births and deaths in the city.

            The Board now consists of the following members: Jacob Adams, President; Dr. C. B. Dudley, Dr. E. S. Miller, George F. Jackson, Dr. J. G. Hughes; Dr. C. H. Closson, Secretary, and John M. Watt, Health Officer.

            The latest annual report of the Board, contained the following facts for the year ending December 31, 1895:
Number of marriages during the year 248
Number of births during the year       1,222
Number of deaths during the year      628

            The mortality of the city is 14.95 per thousand population. Leaving off the accidents and still births and taking the deaths from disease alone, it gives a rate of 12.76 per thousand population.

The principal causes of death were:
Accident                                            42
Cholera Infantum                               31
Typhoid Fever                                   26
Measles                                             16
Old Age and General Debility            32
Pneumonia                                        39
Consumption                                     52
Other Diseases                                 330
Still Births                                          60

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