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CITY Officers Of Altoona, PA 1895

Transcribed from "Illustrated Altoona" pages 114-15

Altoona City Officers and Salaries -- 1895

Following is a list of the city officers, with their salaries, amount of bonds, where bonds are required, and the location of their offices:

Mayor, S. M. Hoyer; office, city building, corner of Twelfth Street and Thirteenth Avenue; bond, none; salary. $1,200; will be succeeded by Mayor-elect H. C. Barr, April 6, 1896.

Controller, George W. Harpham; office, 1110 Twelfth Street; bond, $3,000; salary, $900. Just re-electcd for a third term.

Treasurer, H. E. Ferguson; office, corner Ninth Street and Eleventh Avenue; bond, $50,000; salary, $1,500. Just re-elected for a third term.

Solicitor, George B. Bowers; office in Mateer building; bond, $5,000; salary, $1,000.

City Engineer, Harvey Linton; office. Twelfth Street, between Sixth and Seventh Avenues; bond, $2,500; salary, $2,000.

City Clerk, W. J. Hamor; office, 1200 Twelfth Street; bond, $1,000; salary, $1,000. Ordinance pending to increase it to $1,500.

Water Superintendent, S. A. Gailey; office, city building; bond, none; salary. $1,200.

Street Commissioner, J. F. Smith; office, city build¬ing; bond, $1,000; salary, $840.

Electrician, J. D. Burleigh; office, city building; bond, none; salary, $780.

Chief Engineer of Fire Department J. N. Tillard; office, No. 1 engine house, Tenth Avenue, between Fourteenth and Fifteenth Streets; bond, none: salary, $900.

Chief of police, A. A. Cherry; office, city building; bond, none; salary, $840.

Lieutenants. $720; Sergeants, $660: Patrolmen and Warden and Patrol Driver, each $600,

Health Officer, J. M. Watt; bond, $500; salary, $660.

Secretary Board of Health, Dr. C. H. Closson; bond. $500; salary, $420.

Clerk of Select Council, Jessie B. W. Ickes; bond, none; salary, $400.

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