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Civil War Militia Draft

Transcribed from the Ebensburg Alleghanian October 23, 1862

The Drafted Militia

The much talked of, reasonably dreaded, Draft of Militia was made
throughout the State on Thursday, some two hundred being drawn in this
county alone. No undue excitement was manifested, but on the contrary,
everything was conducted with dignity and decorum. Commissioner Harr
was present and superintended the delicate operation. Constable O'Neill
acted as assistant and blindfolded, drew the required number of names
from the wheel. They are as follows:

Allegheny Twp.:
Daniel Conway
Joseph Eckenrode
Joseph Dodson
Aloysius Sanker
Samuel Stoy
Jacob Mouse
Thomas Hogue
Peter Boley
W. W. M'Ateer
Valentine Ansman
Barnard Kelly
Joseph Hogue

Carroll Twp.:
John Moore
Frederick Snyder
Augustin Luther
Peter Beck
James Kane
Simon Kirsh
Wm. H. Ryan
Geo. Seymore
Jacob Kuntz
Charles Farabaugh
Martin Sanders
Jerome A. Buck
L. D. Parrish
Jacob Stube
James Flanagan
Augustin Strittmatter
Patrick Kane
John J. Davis
Levi Weakland
Michael Snyder
Simon Litzinger
Valentine Buck
George Wismiller
Augustin Yost
Michael Rike
Peter Kane
George Murray
Francis Luther
Peter Weimer

Croyle Twp.:
Paul Anderson
Michel Tully
Geo. Piper
John Smay Jr.
William W. Paul
William Dimond
Elias Steinman
Moses Weisel
Joseph Plummer
James A. Skelly
William D. Hudson
Thomas Tully
Daniel Rorabaugh
Sam'l. Swartzondrover
Joseph W. Pringle
Philip Kearns
John Rorabaugh
Leo Wess
William M'Gough
Philip M'Gough
Peter M'Claren
John Neff

Washington Twp.:
Charles Johnson
Albert George
Michael Landergan
Christopher Leib
Isadore Lilly
Alphonsus P. Miller
Tobias Ager
A. G. Mullin

Conemaugh Borough
Andrew Ehler
Michael Huber
John Robb
Thomas White
John Parken
Patrick Murray
George Karl
Bernard M'Kearnan
John Steinline
William Saylor
Christian Block
David Smith
Benjamin Hinchman
Jacob Sheitz
Jacob Rudoloph

Chest Twp.:
Abraham Burkey
Albert Mitchell
James Kirkpatrick
Sebastian Holtz
John Beck
John Hoober
Charles Hoober
Matthias Denny
Matthias Deitrich
Andrew Noel
Jacob Steiger
Adolphus Libby
Calvin Hilton
Francis Huber
Michael Huber
Michael Youner
Charles Gill

Blacklick Twp.:
Wesley Stephens
Reuben Borring
Thomas Mahon
David Davis
David J. Jones
Benjamin F. Gilpatrick

Conemaugh Twp.:
Ebline Evans
Abraham Alvine
Hiram Riblett
Daniel B. Huber
Damion Mobley
James M'Hugh
Geo. W. Constable
Casper Kelleine
Samuel C. Robb
Sylvester Weissinger
Benjamin Barker
William Constable
Levi Reighard
Ephraim Custer
John O'Neill
Samuel Varner (of G)
Michael Delaney
Jacob B. Horner
Boengart Shiver

Jackson Twp.:
Levi S. Horner
Isaac Clark
Baltzer Dishong
Archibald M'Finley
Daniel Miller

Loretto Borough:
N. A. Arnold
Patrick Moran

Munster Twp.:
Joseph Sanders
William Storm
John M'Gaughey
Anthony Shiver
John C. M'Hugh
Philip Noon
James Parrish Jr.
James M'Kenzie
Edward Hagging
Francis Eberly
Joseph Itle

Richland Twp.:
Michael Burns
Henry Custer
Thomas Weissinger
Jonas Kauffman
Daniel Shaffer
John Reighard
Henry Croft
Isaac A. Bysell
John B. Horner
Henry P. Cooper
Michael Shirley
Charles Grumbling
Jonathan Mannor
Abram Shaffer
Conrad Barschneider
Gabriel Dunmyer
Peter Thomas
David Speicher
Christian Hoffacker
Henry Dunmyer
John H. Fye
Adam S. Grumbling
Samuel Harshberger
Charles Wendel Jr.
Matthias Smith
Noah Weaver
Samuel Hoffman
Michael Eagen
John Sitman
Philip Custer
Frederick Hoffecker
Jacob Harshberger
Valentine Belty
Aaron Menser
Jonathan Bumgardner

Summerhill Twp.:
Patrick M'Comey
James M'Dunn
Philip Biter
Henry Sellers
Edward Reilly
John G. Pringle
Martin F. Hammers
John Farran
Barnard Mullin
Isaac Pringle
Richard Keating
Henry Sharp
William Himes
James Shorthill

Susquehanna Twp.:
Simon Weakland
John G. Bearer
Henry Lamer
Amos Lockheart
George Wagerman
John E. Smith
Joseph Miller
Gideon Mock

Taylor Twp.:
Peter Nitch
Francis Gallagher
John M'Curdy
Eli Strayer
Josiah Custer
John Angus
Daniel Strayer
Anthony Rhinebolt
Charles M'Bride
George A. Confer
James Durgin
John Nary
Levi Angus
Hiram Goughenour
Daniel Stutzman
Isaac Goughenour
David Hildebrand
Patrick M'Carty

Yoder Twp.:
Horace C. Hill
Hiram Paul
Henry Howard
Jacob Zech
Jacob T. Yoder

Of the above number a due proportion, of course, will be represented
in the army by "substitutes." The prices paid for such ranged from
$200 to $300. They leave for Harrisburg today.

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