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Cambria Guards Muster Roll

Transcribed from the Ebensburg Alleghanian June 20, 1861

Muster Roll

The following is a correct list of the officers and men composing the
Cambria Guards:

Commissioned Officers

Robert Litzinger, Captain
Andrew Lewis, First Lieutenant
Robert A. McCoy, Second Lieutenant

Non commissioned Officers

R. M. Jones, Orderly Sergeant
Daniel J. Jones, 2d Sergeant
John E. Scanlan, 3d Sergeant
Charles A. Fagan, 4th Sergeant
James B. Pyatt, 1st Corporal
Wm. H. Sechler, 2d Corporal
Evan D. James, 3d Corporal
James A. Pfoff, 4th Corporal


John Roberts, Fifer
Thomas D. Litzinger, Drummer


Bolewine, William
Bradley, S. C. J.
Brown, George K.
Burk, James C.
Barringer, Wm.
Books, G. W.
Camp, John L.
Carney, Thompson
Conrad, Augustin
Dumm, Thomas P.
Davis, Wm. W.
Davis, Richard R.
Deetz, John
Davis, George W.
Dempsey, Wm.
Davis, Edward E.
Evans, Oswell *
Evans, Edward I.
Evans, Wm. W.
Evans, Edgar
Evans, James N.
Evans, Frederick J.
Evans, John C.
Evans, Griffith T.
Fry, John
Foster, John
Gillespie, John
Gillespie, Edward
Hoffman, Milton
Helman, Daniel
Helman, Lawrence
Hoon, James
Judy, Samuel
Jones, Thomas D.
Jones, Philip
Jones, Richard E.
James, David T.
Kennedy, Charles
Keough, John
Leavy, Wm. A.
Leavy, Francis A.
Leff, Aaron
Longenecker, John
McAllister, Nathan
McBride, John
McFeely, John
Marquet, W. H.
McBrien, Henry
Moore, John
Owens, Joseph
Powell, Wm.
Philips, Patrick
Rupert, Bernard
Rodgers, Benjamin
Shoffner, Casper
Skelly, Michael A.
Story, John J.
Settlemeyer, Harrison
Will, Joseph
Williams, George
Wise, John
Wherry, John
Wissel, Henry C.

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