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August, 1881 Court Convictions and Sentences

Cambria County, PA

From the Cambria Freeman August 5, 1881

Court Convictions and Sentences.

--James McGraw, the colored man who
on the 13th of June last, as noted in these
columns at the time, so shockingly maltreat-
ed a countryman in Altoona named Freder-
ick Swanger that he died soon after, was tried
in the Blair county Court this week, found
guilty Wednesday forenoon of murder in the
second degree, and sentenced the same day
to pay the costs of suit and undergo an im-
prisionment of ten years in the Western Pen-
itentiary. John J. Pickle, the horse-thief,
whose exploits and conviction are already
known to our readers, was sentenced at the
same time to pay a fine of $100, costs of suit,
ans go the penitentiary for five years; Grant
Singizer, burglary, $100 fine, costs, and three
years in penitentiary; Thomas Engle, bur-
glary, and Wm. Keller, larceny, $20 and $50
fine, respectively, costs, and two years each
in penitentiary, Judy Hammers, burglary,
and Stett Conroy, attempted rape, each $100
fine, costs, and one year in the penitentiary;
Annie Gardner, concealing birth of a child,
$50 fine, costs, and one year less one day in
county jail; Wm. Zeigler, adultery, $20 fine,
costs, and six months in jail; Sadie Light-
ner, same offence, $20 fine, costs, and three
months in jail.

Keywords/Tags: James McGraw, Frederick Swanger, John J. Pickle, Grant Singizer, Thomas Engle, William Keller, Judy Hammers, Stett Conroy, Annie Gardner, William Zeigler, Sadie Lightner, Cambria Freeman, Cambira County, Pennsylvania