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Edward Hector

Revolutionary War Vet Obituary

Extracted from
The Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, Volume 38, January 1, 1914
pages 443-60

[The following obituary notices of officers and privates who
served in the Continental Line and Militia of Pennsylvania during
the Revolution have been collected from the newspapers of Montgomery

Edward Hector.-Died on Friday the 3rd of January 1834, aged about 90 years.

Edward Hector, a colored man and a veteran of the Revolution. Obscurity
in life and oblivion is too often the lot of the worthy-they pass away,
and no "storied stone" perpetuates the remembrance of their noble actions.

The humble subject of this notice will doubtless share the common fate,
he has joined the great assembly of the dead and will be soon forgotten,
and yet, many a monument has been "reared to some proud son of earth" who
less deserved it than "poor old Ned." His earlier and better days were
devoted to the cause of the American Revolution; in that cause he risked
all he had to risk-his life; and he survived the event for a long lapse of
years, to witness the prosperity of a country whose independence he had so
nobly assisted to achieve, and which neglected him in his old age.
- Norristown Register, January 15, 1834.

During the war of the revolution, his conduct on one memorable occasion,
exhibited an example of patriotism and bravery which deserves to be recorded.
At the battle of Brandywine he had charge of an ammunition wagon attached to
Col. Proctor's regiment, and when the American army was obliged to retreat,
an order was given by the proper officers to those having charge of the wagons,
to abandon them to the enemy, and save themselves by flight. The heroic reply
of the deceased uttered in the true spirit of the Revolution: "The enemy shall
not have my team; I will save my horses and myself!" He instantly started on
his way, and as he proceeded, amid the confusion of the surrounding scene, he
calmly gathered up a few stands of arms which had been left on the field by the
retreating soldiers, and safely retired with his wagon, team and all, in face
of the victorious foe. Some years ago a few benevolent individuals endeavored
to procure a pension, but without success. The Legislature, however, at the
last session, granted him a donation of $40.00, which was all the gratuity he
ever received for his Revolutionary services. It is a circumstance somewhat
remarkable that his wife, to whom he was married upward of fifty years, and
who attended his funeral in perfect health, suddenly expired about an hour
after returning from his grave.-Free Press, Norristown, Pa., January 15, 1834.
X. Y.

[Edward Hector, private in Capt. Hercules Courtney's company, 3d. Penna.
Artillery, Continental Line, was mustered March 10, 1777.]

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