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John Essig

Revolutionary War Vet Obituary

Extracted from
The Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, Volume 38, January 1, 1914
pages 443-60

[The following obituary notices of officers and privates who
served in the Continental Line and Militia of Pennsylvania during
the Revolution have been collected from the newspapers of Montgomery

John Essig.-Died at his residence in Upper Providence township, Montgomery
county on Saturday 4th. inst. after a short illness John Essig, in 85 year
of his age. Death the foul destroyer of the human race, has again been amongst
us, and snatched with unrelenting hand from side of his relations and friends,
the formers safeguard, and the latters example. It would be superfluous now
to speak of the many amiable and Christian qualities of the deceased. Although
his pure and characteristic piety-his disregard of every thing pertaining to
self, when the welfare of his neighbors and friends was in question, his noble
and disinterested patriotism emulated by an almost fanatical love of country,
might well be bright examples for succeeding generations to follow.

He too, in the dark days of '76 buckled on the sword of liberty, to fight for
the freedom of his native land, and when within but a few days of his death,
some of his friends (in his hearing) alluded to the late disgraceful scenes
in Philadelphia, he heartily concurred in sending military to the scene of
action, and intimated (though he could scarcely speak) that if he were able,
he would be the first to march for the maintenance of his country's honor.
After selecting from II Cor. 4th Chapter, the last three verses, the text
from which he wished his funeral sermon preached, he said his spirit had
already gone to him who gave it and in a few hours quietly expired, loved
and regretted by his friends and mourned deeply by his relations.
-Norristown Register, August 14, 1844. Vol. XXXVIII.-29

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