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Officers of the Pennsylvania Railroad in Altoona

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Transcribed from "Illustrated Altoona" page 35

Officers of the Pennsylvania Railroad

Located in Altoona, Pennsylvania, 1985

The following officers are located in Altoona:

F. L. Sheppard, General Superintendent Pennsylvania Railroad Division.

C. A. Wood, Chief Clerk to F. L. Sheppard,

F. D. Casanave, General Superintendent of Motive Power.

W. H. Rohrer, Chief Clerk to F. D. Casanave.

B. F. Custer, Chief Clerk of Motive Power.

J. M. Wallis, Superintendent of Motive Power Pennsylvania Railroad Division.

W. E. Blanchard, Chief Clerk to J. M. Wallis.

T. Witherow, Motive Power Clerk.

H. M. Carson, Assistant Engineer Motive Power.

M. W. Thomson, Principal Assistant Engineer.

A. C. Shand, Assistant Principal Engineer.

John R. Bingaman, Chief Clerk Maintenance of Way.

W. S. Humes, Chief Clerk of Transportation.

A. S. Vogt, Mechanical Engineer.

Charles B. Dudley, Chemist.

R. E. Marshall, Superintendent Altoona Division.

O. F. Delo, Chief Clerk to R. E. Marshall.

W. C. Snyder, Train Master, Altoona Division.

W. P. Taylor, Chief Telegraph Operator, Altoona Division.

Christ McGregor, Yard Master, Altoona Division.

F. H. Neilson, Supervisor, Altoona Division.

G. B. Weise, Assistant Supervisor, Altoona Division.

D. Steel, Assistant Train Master, Pittsburg Division.

Wm. Herr, Assistant Train Master Middle Division.

G. W. Strattan, Master Mechanic, Machine Shops.

A. W. Mechen, Chief Clerk to G. W. Strattan.

Joseph Davis, General Foreman Machine Shops.

John P. Levan, General Foreman Altoona Car Shops.

L. B. Reifsneider, General Inspector Altoona Car Shops.

T. R. Browne, Master Mechanic, Juniata Locomo¬tive Shops.

S. B. Council, General Foreman of Juniata Machine Shop.

Charles T. Wilson, Station Master at Altoona.

H. L. Nicholson, Ticket Agent at Altoona.

A. T. Heintzelman, Freight Agent at Altoona.

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