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Catholic Cemetery, Wilmore.

Beiter, Joseph Fury, James Mullen, William
Beiter, Matthias Graham, Peter McAteer, John
Berry, Michael Holder, John McDonald, John
Burke, Edward F. Horner, Joseph McConnell, Wm. T.
Burgoon, John Kernan, Hugh McGovern, John
Carney, Patrick Kinney, William McKernan, Hugh
Costlow, James Lutz, Michael Noel, John C.
Cowan, William Lilly, Richard Reilly, Edward
Davis, Albert Little, Bernard Schroth, John
Delahunt, Lewis Little, Peter Skelley, James A.
Dugan, John Little, Thomas Trotter, William
Dugan, Hugh Litzinger, William Vilsack, Joseph
Egan, Michael Maltzi, Valentine Wadsworth, Mich.
Flenner, P. (1812) Moore, Thomas Wilkinson, William
Fox, Peter Mullen, John


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Keywords/Tags: Joseph Beiter, Matthias Beiter, Michael Berry, Edward F. Burke, John Burgoon, Patrick Carney, James Costlow, William Cowan, Albert Davis, Lewis Delahunt, John Dugan, Hugh Dugan, Michael Egan, P. Flenner, Peter Fox, James Fury, Peter Graham, John Holder, Joseph Horner, Hugh Kernan, William Kinney, Michael Lutz, Richard Lilly, Bernard Little, Peter Little, Thomas Little, William Litzinger, Valentine Maltzi, Thomas Moore, John Mullen, William Mullen, John McAteer, John McDonald, William T. McConnell, John McGovern, Hugh McKernan, John C. Noel, Edward Reilly, John Schroth, James A. Skelley, William Trotter, Joseph Vilsack, Michael Wadsworth, William Wilkinson, Catholic Cemetery, Wilmore, Cambria County