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War Service of Members

OF Pennsylvania Society Sons of the Revolution 1917-1919

A digital representation of the original 1920 work.


(DECHERT, ROBERT continued)
7th Infantry, 3rd Division. Sailed April 5, 1918, for France;
continuous service with 7th Infantry, 3rd Division, since that date.
Actions: Chateau Thierry, May 30-June 10; Belleau Wood, June
15-26; Fossoy (Marne-right of Chateau Thierry), July 1-18;
engaged at the North of the Marne River, July 18-27; again at St.
Mihiel, September 12-14; and at the Argonne-Meuse (North of
Montfaucon), September 30-0ctober 25, all in 1918.
Detached service March-July, 1919, Student at Law at Oxford
University, England, detailed by A. E. F. Resignation accepted,
August 8, 1919.

Entered service as Captain, Medical Reserve Corps, U. S. A., June
28, 1917; promoted Major, July 11, 1918; Regimental Surgeon,
63rd C. A. C., First Army, A. E. F., for 15 months. Lieutenant
Colonel, February l7, 1919. Served at various camps in the United
States. Foreign Service: Romsey, England; Havre, Camp A 1,
British Expeditionary Force, France; Aix-sur-Vienne; La Courtine;
Ambazac; Limoges; Saint Moril- lon; Camp Genicart, Bordeau and
Marseilles. Transport Surgeon (S. M. O.) from July, 1918, to
February, 1919, in the following steamers: Empress of Britain and
the Caserta. Honorably discharged, June 16, 1919.

Major, 309th Cavalry, U. S. A., U. S. N. G., U. S. N. A., February
15, 1918; Major 57th Field Artillery, U. S. A.; attended School of
Artillery Fire, Fort Sill, Oklahoma. Resigned, March 1, 1919.

Entered service July 31, 1917, as Captain of Field Artillery,
Pennsylvania National Guard. In France with A. E. F., May 30,
1918. Stationed at La Courtine and later at the front in the Toul and
Argonrie Forest sectors; took part in the St. Mihiel Drive, and, as
Aide-de-Camp to Major General Rhodes of the 42nd Division; also
participated in the battles of the Argonne Forest and the Meuse.
Appointed a Member of the Permanent Inter­national Armistice
Commission at Spa, Belgium, November 15, 1918. Promoted to
rank of Major of Field Artillery, May 8, 1919. Still in service,
November 5, 1919, with duty in War Department, Washington,
D. C.

Entered service as Captain, Medical Corps, U. S. A., April 2, 1917;
promoted Major August 6, 1917; Lieutenant Colonel September 22,
1917. Duty at Philadelphia and Camp Crane, Pennsylvania, April,
1917, to May,1918. Overseas with the Italian Army, May, 1918, to
April, 1919, serving as Acting Command, Ambulance Service in
Italy and also Acting Chief Surgeon, A. E. F. for Italy. Decorations:
War Cross, Order of the Crown of Italy, Order of San Maurizio e
Lazaro. Honorably discharged, April 26, 1919.

Captain, U. S. A. Died from wounds received in action, September
27, 1918, at or near Montfaucon, France.

Contract Surgeon, U. S. A., Camp Lafayette, Easton, Pennsylvania,
October 3, 1918, to December 27, 1918.

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