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Various Historical Records and Articles

New York

Chautauqua County

Butler - Storey Wedding July 1839

Chemung County

Henry Ward Guilty of Manslaughter -- Indiana Democrat 23 November 1871

Monroe County

Court News, Rochester New York, February 1864

An Insane Mother's Crime (Gustavus) 1882

Marriage of Miss Carrie Brigham to Will Brown, Spencerport 1882

Odd Fellows Officers 1882 Police Matters, Rochester New York, February 1864 Real Estate Transfers, January 1882

Ship Arrivals and Departures, January 1882

Nassau County

Russell Hawkins Stabbed - 1937 WWI Aero Squadron Cadet (Charles Passwater) Dies in Crash-- Mineola NY


Allegheny County

Addison Woodward Estate Notice - 1937 Albert Johnston Obituary - 1937 Alvin K Riley Estate Notice - 1937 Annie Wilson Estate Notice - 1937 Arthur Ramsay Obituary - 1937 Arthur Ramsay Funeral Notice- 1937 Belva Alexander Obituary - 1937 Sarah Dunn Obituary - 1937 Stanley Szarzynski Estate Notice - 1937 Susan Janowicz Legal Notice (Divorce) - 1937 John Thomas and Sam Stone - Criminal Libel - 1937 William Beards Obituary - 1937 Glenn Property for Public Sale - 1834

Blair County

Albert Cree -- World War I soldier 1918 Aldermanic Court Hearings August 1918 Andrew Kelly -- World War I soldier 1918 Blair C. Hartman -- World War I soldier 1917 Clair Roberts -- World War I soldier 1918 Colonel James Milliken (Civil War Vet) Death Notice -- 1917 Death of Howard Loucks -- World War I soldier 1918 Death of LeRoy Ellsworth Waite -- 1918 Death of Louis Herring -- World War I soldier 1917 Earl Simons -- World War I soldier 1918 Frank L. S. Mason -- World War I soldier 1917 George Aurandt -- World War I soldier 1917 Harry Banzhoff -- World War I soldier 1918 James Jones and Charles Brebe Enlist in Marines-- World War I soldiers 1918 John Yound and Elda Sell Wedding -- 1918 Joseph Incitti -- World War I soldier 1917 Kenneth Vaughn Passes Bar Exam -- 1918 Leroy Lonsdale -- World War I soldier 1918 List of Soldiers Killed or Wounded in war Zone -- August 14, 1918 Marine Casualties August 1918 Marriage Licenses Issued In May -- 1918 Merrill Leamer, Age 12, Disappears -- August 1918 M. J. V. Reilly Injured while Diving -- 1918 Mountaineer Not Aware of The War -- 1918 Mrs. Chester C. Rothrock, Smallpox Victim - 1917 Pennsylvania Railroad Baseball League Players Enlist -- 1918 Pennsylvania Soldier is Dead on French Soil -- World War I 1917 Quartet Joins Marines -- World War I 1918 Rev. Father John Dunphy Enlists -- 1918 Robert Bankert attend 105th Pennsylvania Wild Cat Regiment Reunion -- 1918 Three Sets of Juniata Twins Celebrate Birthdays -- 1918 Walter Hazzard In Memoriam -- 1918 William J. Harney, Altoona Boy, Injured at Vancouver Barracks -- World War I Soldier 1918

EXCERPTS FROM "Illustrated Altoona" aka "The City of Altoona Pennsylvania A.D. 1896, Published for The Board of Trade"

Aldermen of Altoona 1895 Board of Health Altoona 1895 Cemeteries of Altoona 1895 City Officers of Altoona 1895 George Bowers, City Solicitor of Altoona 1895 (Illustration) George Harpham, City Controller of Altoona 1895 (Illustration) H. E. Ferguson, City Treasurer of Altoona 1895 (Illustration) Hambleton P. Wilson, Postmaster of Altoona 1895 (Illustration) J. N. Tillard, Fire Chief of Altoona 1895 (Illustration) John R. Vaughn's Brick Yards in Altoona 1895 Original Street Names of Altoona Pennsylvania Railroad Officers in Altoona 1895 S. M. Hoyer, Mayor of Altoona 1895 (Illustration) W. M. C. Craine, City Council President, Altoona 1895 (Illustration)

EXCERPTS FROM Soldiers of Blair county Pennsylvania

Page 11

Cambria County

6 Killed on Pennsylvania Railroad, 1874 Co. A, 11th Penna. Reserves Co. A, 55th Penna. Vols. in South Carolina 55th Pennsylvania Volunteers -- The War in South Carolina 125th Pennsylvania Volunteers (1862) Obadiah Reese, Civil War Veteran Turns 88 A L (Abe) Reese, Obituary 1962 A Clair Reese, Obituary 1986 Alice Maude (Pomroy) Reese, Obituary 1972 Annetta M (Lane) Reese, Obituary 2003 Annie (Anderson) Reese, Obituary 1959 Annie J (Powell) Reese, Obituary 1910 Apolonia Brown Estate Notice - 1869 Apolonia Brown Estate Property Sale- 1869 Arthur Earl Reese, Obituary 1975 Arthur M Reese, Obituary 1962 Bessie M Reese, Obituary 1995 Betsey Will Death Notice- 1859 Blanche (Crum) Reese, Obituary 1991 Blodwyn H (Jones) Reese, Obituary 1986 Cambria County Court Convictions 1881 Cambria County Militia 1862 Cambria County Naturalization Petitions docket D7 Page 83 Cambria County Orphans' Court Appraisements August 1869 Cambria County, PA Civil War Draft 1862 Cambria County Court of Common Pleas Docket - Sept 5, 1895 Cambria County Court of Common Pleas Docket - Sept 12, 1895 Cambria County Court Proceedings September 1859 Cambria County Register's notice, August 15, 1861 Cambria County Soldiers Return 1861 Cambria Guards 1861 Cambria Guards Muster Roll 1861 Campbell - Clark Wedding October 1859 Charles Reese, Obituary 1971 Clarence J Reese, Obituary 1991 Clark E Reese, Obituary 1958 Daniel Reese, Obituary 1948 Daniel Winston Reese, Obituary 1991 Doris Reese, Obituary 1974 Edna M Reese, Obituary 1992 Edwin S Reese, Obituary 1935 Edwin T Reese, Obituary 1992 Elias Rowland (Biograpgical & Portrait Cyclopedia) Eliza (Kelly)Reese, Obituary 1937 Emlyn K Reese, Obituary 1986 Enoch Reese, Obituary 1889 Florence J (Leffler) Reese, Obituary 1975 Floyd W Reese, Obituary 2000 Francis X. Traxler (Biograpgical & Portrait Cyclopedia) George Reese, Obituary 1943 George Reese, Obituary 1957 George Theodore Reese, Obituary 1986 Georgehener Reese, Obituary 1975 H Eugene Reese, Obituary 1987 H Ruth (Jones) Reese, Obituary 2002 Herbert Reese, Obituary 1988 Irvin T Reese, Obituary 1956 Isabelle L (Nicewonger) Reese, Obituary 1998 James Reese, Obituary 2001 Jane (Evans) Reese, Obituary 1946 John E Reese, Obituary 1995 John Lester Executor's Notice 1869 John Skelly Estate Administration Notice 1869 Jordan Rager Legal Notice 1869 Joseph Reese, Obituary 1988 Josephine (Busch) Reese, Obituary 1962 Lee Ann Reese, Obituary 1958 Leonard Hiller Legal Notice 1869 Leroy Reese, Obituary 1963 Mable Claire (Empfield) Reese, Obituary 1979 Margaret Blodwen Reese, Obituary 1929 Marraige License Stephen Spisak and Catherine Poloncak Mary (Toth) Reese, Obituary 1996 Marybeth (Geibe) Reese, Obituary 1989 McCallister Divorce Notice 1869 Merle Reese, Obituary 1981 Michael Leavy Death Notice - 1869 Michael Mohler Estate Administration 1869 Mildred Reese, Obituary 1989 Mildred (Mareck) Reese, Obituary 1989 Milton F Reese, Obituary 1963 Obadiah Reese, Obituary 1933 Paul C Reese, Sr, Obituary 1995 People's Party State Ticket - 1859 People's Party Vigilance Committee - 1859 R. S. Bunn Estate Administration - 1869 Rachel Bender Property Sale 1869 Rees Rees - Last Will and Testament Robert F Reese, Obituary 1994 Robert Thomas Death Notice - 1859 Ruth M Reese, Obituary 1995 Samuel Reese Property Sale 1869 Sara E Reese, Obituary 1993 Sherman Reese, Obituary 1955 Stanley G Reese, Obituary 1986 Theodore J Reese, Obituary 1974 Thomas D Reese, Obituary 1897 Thomas E Reese, Obituary 1974 Thomas F Reese, Obituary 2003 Thomas V Reese, Obituary 1940 Vada Reese, Obituary 1948 Waren D Reese, Obituary 1990 Where Sleep The Brave Soldier Dead (Memorial Day 1908 Veteran Burials) William A Reese, Obituary 2001 William G Reese, Obituary 1973 William Kelly Farm Sale 1869 William McGahey House Fire - 1859 Windsor Reese, Obituary 1975

Clearfield County

A. Y. Straw Obituary, 1932 Cair Williams and Miss Bailey Wedding 1913 Clearfield Red Men Club Officers 1918 Death of David Stull 1913 Death of Donald Connor 1913 Death of Mrs. Jennie McDowell 1913 Deaths, June 12, 1913 Deaths, June 17, 1913 Eugene G. Beller & Miss Edyth Crawford Wedding 1913 George Trude and Miss Lola Long Wedding 1913 Marriage Licenses, June 12, 1913 Real Estate Transfers, June 1913 Violet Swift Drowned 1913 William Swoope Heads Patriotic Sons of American Liberty Loan Drive 1918 WWI Soldier Marriages November 1917 WWI Draft Board Overturns 4 Exemptions November 1917

Indiana County

Casualties of the 55th Regiment PA Volunteers -- Edisto Island from the Indiana Democrat 7 May 1862

Casualties of the 61st Regiment PA Volunteers -- Fair Oaks from Indiana Democrat 19 June 1862 Casualties of the 84th Regiment PA Volunteers -- Winchester from the Indiana Democrat 7 May 1862 Death from Sympathy (Paert and Lehman) 1870 Death of the Honorable Charles Shaler 1869 Historical List of Judges and Sheriffs of Indiana County Pennsylvania 1806 to 1872 Indiana County, Pennsylvania Court Proceedings September 1871 Killed and Wounded at the Battle of Fair Oaks -- Indiana Democrat 15 June 1862 List of Killed and Wounded in Company F. (Capt. Kirk) 105th PA. REG -- Indiana Democrat 19 June 1862 New Catholic Diocese, Pennsylvania 1876

Montgomery County

ABRAHAM WEAVER - Revolutionary War Obituary ADAM HOMSHER - Revolutionary War Obituary ALEXANDER MOORE - Revolutionary War Obituary ANDREW KNOX - Revolutionary War Obituary ANDREW TODD - Revolutionary War Obituary BENJAMIN MARKLEY - Revolutionary War Obituary CHARLES BISSON - Revolutionary War Obituary CHARLES THOMSON - Revolutionary War Obituary CHRISTIAN MOSER- Revolutionary War Obituary CHRISTOPHER SHERER - Revolutionary War Obituary CONRAD HIPPIE - Revolutionary War Obituary DANIEL ST. CLAIR - Revolutionary War Obituary EDWARD HECTOR - Revolutionary War Obituary FRANCIS WADE - Revolutionary War Obituary FREDERICK BEITEMAN - Revolutionary War Obituary FREDERICK ZEARFOSS - Revolutionary War Obituary GEORGE LEADER - Revolutionary War Obituary JOSEPH HEISTER- Revolutionary War Obituary HENRY SHOTS - Revolutionary War Obituary HENRY FREEDLY - Revolutionary War Obituary HENRY KIFER - Revolutionary War Obituary ISAAC MCGLATHERY - Revolutionary War Obituary JACOB STREMBECH - Revolutionary War Obituary JACOB ERB - Revolutionary War Obituary JACOB SORVER - Revolutionary War Obituary JACOB SHADE - Revolutionary War Obituary JACOB LATCH SR- Revolutionary War Obituary JAMES BEAN - Revolutionary War Obituary JAMES MAHANY - Revolutionary War Obituary JOHN SOLLIDAY - Revolutionary War Obituary JOHN STIDINGER - Revolutionary War Obituary JOHN WENTZ - Revolutionary War Obituary JOHN GOODWIN - Revolutionary War Obituary JOHN HARPLE - Revolutionary War Obituary JOHN LOWERY - Revolutionary War Obituary JOHN ESSIG - Revolutionary War Obituary JOHN BRANDT - Revolutionary War Obituary JOHN HARPER - Revolutionary War Obituary JOHN MCCOLLISTER - Revolutionary War Obituary JOHN ANDREW SOX - Revolutionary War Obituary JOSEPH CRAWFORD - Revolutionary War Obituary PETER GRUBB - Revolutionary War Obituary PETER HOOT - Revolutionary War Obituary PHILIP KEESEY - Revolutionary War Obituary PHILIP STILLWAGON - Revolutionary War Obituary PHILIP RUSEL - Revolutionary War Obituary SAMUEL BRADFORD - Revolutionary War Obituary SAMUEL WIGGINS - Revolutionary War Obituary SAMUEL BIDDLE - Revolutionary War Obituary THOMAS DEEDS - Revolutionary War Obituary THOMAS WALLACE - Revolutionary War Obituary THOMAS FORREST - Revolutionary War Obituary VACHTEL HOWARD - Revolutionary War Obituary WILLIAM HOLGATE - Revolutionary War Obituary WILLIAM DENNING - Revolutionary War Obituary WILLIAM DEAN - Revolutionary War Obituary WILLIAM ANDERSON - Revolutionary War Obituary WILLIAM HAGY - Revolutionary War Obituary WILLIAM FINDLAY - Revolutionary War Obituary WILLIAM HAYMAN - Revolutionary War Obituary ZACHARIAH CLOSSON - Revolutionary War Obituary

Excerpts from Brief Biographical Sketches of Welsh Baptist Ministers

Rev. B. E. Jones Rev E. Oliver